Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Welcome to Meg's Pastry Studio!

Hi, I'm Meg, an avid home baker who believes in using fresh & quality ingredients in my baking, and no addition of artificial agents such as emulsifiers, stabilisers or "improvers" eg. Ovalette, sponge gel (only agents used where necessary are baking powder, baking soda or cream of tartar). I also try to lower the amount of sugar used whenever recipe allows.

Since I started baking as a hobby six years ago, I've been very fortunate to get support from family and friends who willingly become my guinea pigs, and I'm also very thankful to strangers who place orders through my personal blog.

This website is set up as a more convenient platform for everyone to browse through what's available. Feel free to drop me an email at for orders or questions.

New products will be available periodically, stay tuned!

Quality Assurance
Butter - Elle & Vire / President / SCS
Chocolate - Valrhona / Amedei
Whipping cream (DAIRY) - Elle & Vire / President / Green Fields (I do not use non-dairy whipping cream)
Cream Cheese - Philadelphia / Elle & Vire 
Flour - Prima / Nissen
Extracts - Nielsen Massey

How to order?
  • Browse through the website (through the pages listed above or below) for pastries that are available for order taking.
  • Send me an email at with info such as: Your name and contact number, type of pastry, occasion, quantity (or size), date required (at least one week in advance).
  • I will reply or contact you within 1 day for details and pricing (unless I'm not available, will indicate closure dates on the right hand column).

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