Monday, April 4, 2016

2016- 1st Q orders

All I can say is, the past 3 months happened too fast!

The first quarter of the year always seemed to be very hectic and passed by so quickly. I guess because everything like festive season, holidays, birthdays all seemed to fall within this period. Immediately after Christmas was New Year, and very soon, my kiddo's birthday, followed by Chinese New Year, and my birthday in March.

To make matters worse (in a good way, I'm not complaining), I've been travelling non-stop. Spent last week of 2015 in Taiwan; after barely resting for a month, went to Japan during Chinese New Year period in Feb for a week; took a road trip to Melaka during end Feb; in March went for a fishing trip in Rompin (Malaysia) and a few days after, a one-week trip to Hong Kong. *phew*

My sincere apologies that I turned away a number of cake orders due to my travels! I guess there will be a lot of travelling this year because it's the last year that our family could travel freely before the kiddo goes Primary School next year. Probably taking cake orders will have to take a backseat.

As usual, big thanks to all my friends and customers who placed their trust in me, here's a summary of the cakes :)

Ordered by my Secondary School CCA junior, who wanted a tender cake which is less sweet and less cream and this was what I baked for her. Her family enjoyed the cake very much.

The same junior ordered another cake for her son (I did a Captain America cake for his son last year as well). This time, it was dinosaur-theme. Sourced camouflaged jellybeans and chocolate eggs to decorate the cake along with "grass" piping using the buttercream cream cheese frosting. *the dinosaurs belonged to the birthday boy).

This was a simple yet elegant mango sponge cake. Made three layers of ombre sponge cake and the frosting was made using chantilly cream with pureed fresh mango.

Another of my popular order, rainbow sponge cake with chantilly cream frosting and decorated with flower marshmallow. Sweet looking and this brand of flower marshmallow I bought from Phoon Huat tasted very soft and yummy.

Last quarter, I attended a Korean language class and on the last lesson baked a Gula Melaka Banana Walnut as a gift to the Korean teacher and one of my classmate decided to order one from me :)

My son's birthday cake this year, a Strawberry Jelly Hearts Cheesecake. Ran out of ideas what to bake and since I was quite busy to come up with new recipes/ideas, decided on a tried and tested cake which was very easy to cut and serve to kids.

Turned out my son loved the cake so much, and he has been requesting me to make it again.

Last but not least, my very own birthday cake! Past two years, the HB and kiddo bought the Decorate-It-Yourself cake from Icing Room and frankly, I disliked the texture and taste of the cake. This year, decided to Bake-It-Myself, my favourite rainbow shortcake with chantilly cream frosting, tender and moist sponge cake which is not so sweet, and light on the palate. To make it more fancy, I made some Swiss Meringue Buttercream (less sugar) and randomly piped some flowers which turned out quite sweet looking :)

And this concludes my busy first quarter, looking forward to the rest of the year!

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