Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 - 4th Q orders

Merry Christmas! It's nearly the end of 2014 and Meg's Pastry Studio is officially closed for the year!

This has been a fulfilling year, never expected to receive a steady stream of cake orders throughout the year. Well, not really a lot, but at a comfortable pace that I can handle confidently.

Big thanks to all my customers and friends, some of them even ordered cakes repeatedly. Really appreciate the trust, given that I'm just a homebaker without any retail shopfront. Nevertheless, I make sure that the ingredients I used are of quality and no preservatives or additives are added.

For the final quarter of the year, besides the ever-popular rainbow cake and ombre cake, I had orders for chocolate cake as well. At the moment, I'm only baking the super rich, dense and heavy Valrhona Chocolate Cake. Hopefully I could explore more recipes next year and come up with a light, tender and moist chocolate cake; and also other types of cakes.

Looking forward to a brand new year ahead! Please continue to support Meg's Pastry Studio! For orders and enquiry, please drop me an email at

The largest size (in terms of area) of cake that I'm able to bake, this was 5 layers (can go up to 7 layers or more). Rainbow-coloured vanilla sponge cake with chantilly frosting, sandwiched and topped with assorted fruits.

Sweet looking cake ordered by a loving mum for her daughter's birthday celebration. A 5-layer ombre vanilla shortcake, decorated with lots of marshmallows and ribbons.

Valrhona chocolate cake ordered by the same mum who ordered the marshmallow ribbon cake. This cake was for their private celebration and birthday girl requested chocolate cake. Did rosette piping to make the cake look prettier.

Ordered by a friend who requested for "Minecraft" theme cake. After researching on various versions of "Minecraft" cake, came up with this version. Basically put together with 3 layers of chocolate cake and white chocolate buttercream tinted green and brown.

Ordered by son's Childcare Centre Director for one of the teacher's wedding celebration. Made a chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream and piped rosettes for a pure and romantic look.

For a friend's daughter one-year old birthday. The cake fitted just nicely with the party decorations put up by my friend.

Another birthday cake ordered by the same friend for her elder daughter's birthday. Proposed the chocolate cake with rosettes. This time the rosettes were tinted in 3 gradual shades.

Ever-popular rainbow lychee cake.

Rainbow fruit shortcake ordered by my Uni/hostel friend, for her housewarming cum christmas party. Decorated with some simple store-bought christmas decor.

My friend also ordered a Sticky Date and Toffee Bundt cake, which was very apt for Christmas.

My final 3 orders for the quarter, Christmas log cakes. Hadn't intended to bake but 2 of my customers asked if I could bake any Christmas cakes. So came up with something simple and elegant. Vanilla genoise sponge with chantilly cream frosting and decorated with some christmas decor.

Thank you to everyone for all the support given! See you next year :)

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